Lower Lackawanna Valley Sanitary In Duryea PA is a sanitary in Duryea, Pennsylvania. This site has three different trails and is about 25 acres in total area. It was built by the Government during the Great Depression era and then used for many years by various companies and organizations. When opened to public, it became a haven for hikers and bikers who enjoy the serenity of this place.

In addition to being a great spot for hiking or biking, Lower Lackawanna Valley Sanitary In Duryea PA also offers opportunities for fishing! Fishing is allowed at the park only from May 1st until October 1st. If you happen to visit during other parts of the year, don’t fret because there are other places within the area that you can visit. The Wyoming Valley Heritage Museum in Plymouth, PA is located about 13 miles away while the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival in Clarks Summit, PA is about 17 miles away.

Since this park is only open to public during certain days of the year, it would be extremely wise to check their website for day-specific updates before visiting (see references). Although there are no facilities at Lower Lackawanna Valley Sanitary In Duryea PA , it does not mean that you should forget your essentials because every corner of this place has something noteworthy.