Healey Playground In Duryea PA , located in Duryea, PA 18642. Its an important part of the community because it’s a place where all children and adults can come together . It has lots to offer such as swings, jungle gyms, park bench, slides, picnic tables. The playground is open everyday for everyone to have fun coming with friends or family. There are also possibilities for birthday parties also offered at this location.

Directions: To get there , go down Healey Ave towards Railroad St then take a right onto Railroad st which is accessible from Franklin Ave with car or by walking . Then you will see the entrance to the park on your left side when facing Railroad St.

The playground gives hours for when they are open which are dawn until dusk everyday.

Fee’s: The cost of tickets for children or adults is $2.00 per person . Tickets are well worth the price because it gives an opportunity to play at this wonderful park with your friends and family. This small fee can give you one time access to this beautiful area.

This park also has a basketball court which is open for all ages between dawn until dusk , so if someone wants to have fun shooting some hoops they should bring their own ball or rent one from the front desk for only $3.00 . Basketballs are available in limited quantities so it should be reserved before hand if possible to get one when playing on the courts there.